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Charting North Korean Provocations. A Case of ‘The Mondays’?

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Charting American Birthdays: Yours Probably Isn’t That Special

Last week I published a new heatmap exploring the popularity of American birthdays. The chart, which uses darker shades to represent higher average birth counts on specific days, can give the impression that some birthdays are much more common than others. In reality, outside of some special occasions, namely major holidays, there isn’t a huge amount of diversity in the data set, which has two decades of births aggregated by...

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Charting Taiwan’s Low Birth Rate, Aging Population

I’m in Taiwan this month to study Mandarin. During breaks, I’ll be posting occasionally about the island’s nation’s demographics, politics and (sticky) weather. Like other East Asian democracies, such as South Korea and Japan, Taiwan has a rapidly aging population, posing demographic and economic challenges for policy makers. One reason for the age increase is that Taiwan has among the lowest birth rates in the world. These charts highlight the...

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Charting New York City’s Changing Borough Population, Over Time

I woke one recent morning at 5 a.m. obsessing about, of all things, the people of New York City — specifically how the population is distributed among the five boroughs: Brooklyn, Bronx, Manhattan, Queens and Staten Island. And how that’s changed over time. I had a general idea. But my nerd brain needed to know for sure. So I went to Wikipedia for data. These charts show the total population, by...

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Editing O.J.: Charting Changes to the Infamous Figure’s Wikipedia Page

I’ve just finished watching ESPN’s fabulous O.J.: Made in America, a five-part documentary about the Hall of Fame football player. Somewhere in the process of digesting this latest — and, perhaps, best — telling of O.J.’s story, I scoured Wikipedia for details about his life. I discovered that the page has been edited more than 4,000 times since it went up in 2003, back when Wikipedia user “Vera Cruz” posted...

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