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The less-is-more story, and its meta

The Schwab magazine has an interesting discussion of a marketing research study purportedly showing "less is more" when it comes to consumer choice. They summarized the experimental setup and results in the following succinct graphic: The data consist of nested proportions. For example, among those seeing display 1, 60% stopped to look at the jams, and among those who stopped, 3% purchased. The nesting is presented as overlap in this...

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Light entertainment: We’re very sorry but this is NOT a pie chart

Someone at YouGov learned an important lesson in what not to do in #dataviz... (Tip from Rob M. via Twitter) The tweet storm it unleashed was not worth the cute idea. Here are their tweets:  

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Layered donuts have excess fats and oils

Via Twitter, Nicholas S. sent this chart: It's a layered donut. There isn't much context here except that the chart comes from USDA. Judging from the design, I surmise that the key message is the change in proportion by food groups between 1970 and 2014. I am assuming that these food groups are exhaustive so that it makes sense to put them in a donut chart, with all pieces adding...

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A quick lesson in handling more than one messages on one chart

Between teaching two classes, and a seminar, and logging two coast-to-coast flights, I was able to find time to rethink the following chart from the Wall Street Journal: (link to article) I like the right side of this chart, which helps readers interpret what the alcohol consumption guidelines really mean. When we go out and drink, we order beers, or wine, or drinks - we don't think in terms of...

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