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Hand-drawn how-to instructions using zero words

Inspired by Dear Data, the data drawing pen pal project, designers Josefina Bravo, Sol Kawage, and Tomoko Furukawa use the postcard medium to send each other weekly how-to instructions for a wide variety of everyday things. The only rule is that they can’t use words. As of writing this, they’re on week 37, which covered how to roll maki, how to eat an apple like a boss, and how to...

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Hand-drawn short trip

Have you seen this yet? Illustrator Alexander Perrin experimented with bringing a hand-drawn quality to an interactive medium. It’s a breath of fresh air called Short Trip. (And brb, I need to take a walk outside.) Tags: game, illustration

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Tarot cards for complex network concepts

Peter Dodds teaches a course on complex networks, and he put together a set of tarot cards to illustrate concepts. Fun. P.S. You can also watch the entire lecture series on YouTube. Tags: illustration, tarot

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