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Graphical evidence that Bernie got shafted

Note that I am placing this post under Light Entertainment.   

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Light entertainment: the difference in power between nations is not statistically significant

As proved by the following chart:  

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Light entertainment: this looks like a bar chart

Long-time reader Daniel L. said this made him laugh. This prompted me revive a feature I used to run on here called "Light entertainment." Dataviz work that are so easy to ridicule that one wonders if they weren't just made for the laughs. See all previous installments here. Daniel also said it fails the Trifecta Checkup. What is the question the chart is addressing and what's the message? It's a...

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Pints, water, fishes, pond

@apollo_0 on twitter asks me to comment on this, by Scientific Britain:   Here's my comment:  

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Light entertainment: We’re very sorry but this is NOT a pie chart

Someone at YouGov learned an important lesson in what not to do in #dataviz... (Tip from Rob M. via Twitter) The tweet storm it unleashed was not worth the cute idea. Here are their tweets:  

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Light entertainment: March Madness and Wheel of Fortune

March Madness (via Business Insider): Wheel of Fortune:

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