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Calculating the opposite of your job

Here’s a fun calculation from The Upshot. The Labor Department keeps detailed and at times delightfully odd records on the skills and tasks required for each job. Some of them are physical: trunk strength, speed of limb movement, the ability to stay upright. Others are more knowledge-based: economics and accounting, physics, programming. Together, they capture the essence of what makes a job distinctive. We’ve used these records to determine what...

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Challenges of visualization in industry

The most recent Data Stories episode with Elijah Meeks is worth a listen if you visualize data at work, want to visualize data for work, wish your work would value your visualization more, or all of the above. Tags: Elijah Meeks, work

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How many tables restaurant servers have to wait on to earn minimum wage

In most states, there is minimum wage and there is tipping minimum wage. For those who earn the latter, most of their income comes from tips. This is fine in nicer restaurants where tips can be substantial, but in places that depend on high turnover and low prices, restaurant servers need to work more tables per hour to earn the equivalent of minimum wage. Kathryn Casteel and Charlie Smart for...

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Work Counts

Looking at educational attainment, income, work hours, and commute, this is who has the same work life as you do. Read More

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When Do Americans Leave For Work?

We don't all start our work days at the same time, despite what morning rush hour traffic might have you think. Here's an interactive map that shows when people head out.Continue reading →

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How Americans Get to Work

The way that people get around can say a lot about how a place is made up. Here's an interactive map that shows how people get to work in America.Continue reading →

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