We’ve compiled a small list of conferences definitely worth visiting in 2013. Events like this are a great way to see, learn, connect and be inspired. If you’re lucky enough to get a ticket, be sure to let us know so we could meet up and have a chat.

Lift Conference 2013

6-8 February 2013 CICG, Geneva, Switzerland

Lift is one of Europe’s leading technology and innovation events exploring the business- and social implications of digital technologies. Its unique format allows for a rich experience where participants mingle in a dynamic and informal environment. Together they share, connect and create new opportunities. Lift is about discovering new trends and turning them into opportunities. It is a memorable three-day event packed with inspirational talks, interactive workshops and fun networking activities.

Strata Conference

26-28 February 2013 Santa Clara, California, USA

Strata Conference is a series of recurring events hosted by O’Reilly. The next conference, held in Santa Clara, California will be all about data and how to make it work for your business. It will cover the latest and best tools and technologies for this new discipline, along the entire data supply chain—from gathering, cleaning, analyzing, and storing data to communicating data intelligence effectively. With sessions on a diverse range of topics and provocative reports from experts and innovators, Strata Conference showcases the people, the tools, and the technologies that make data work. Later this year, 11–13 November 2013, another Strata event will be held in London.


27 February 2013 Nashville, Tennessee, USA

Tapestry is a new conference designed to advance interactive online storytelling with data. While it focuses on visual ways of telling stories in journalism, there will be a broad range of topics, and a line-up of amazing speakers. The attendees come from the fields of design, academia and journalism. This one-day, invitation-only conference will include keynotes, discussion and a demo theater designed to provoke ideas and discussion across disciplines. Tapestry will bring these different viewpoints together with the goal of sharing perspectives and generating new ideas.

IC13 – Infographics 2013

1 March 2013 Zeist, The Netherlands

Since infographics are no longer restricted to the bounding box of an article or website, the theme of this year’s conference is about “The Infographic Experience”, where the full range of information design will be presented: from paper to tablet, from book to blockbuster and from virtual to reality.

Malofiej 21

13-15 March 2013 School of Communication at the University of Navarra, Pamplona, Spain

The Infographics World Summit, is back again with a impressive lineup of outstanding speakers and an agenda featuring some of the best graphics artists who will convey their ideas about how to tell stories through infographics and communicate them to an ever-expanding global audience.

Resonate 2013

21-23 March 2013 Cultural Center Dom Omladine, Belgrade, Serbia

Held each year in Belgrade-Serbia, the Resonate festival gives a great overview of the current situation in the fields of music, visual arts and digital culture. Guest artists, lecturers and other participants are chosen to represent the cutting edge of the contemporary creative industry living and working in Europe. The festival provides a platform for networking and education, as well as information and knowledge sharing, together with a distinguished crowd of world class artists with an opportunity of participating in a forward-looking debate on the position of technology in art and culture.

SEE #8

20 April 2013 Schlachthof, Wiesbaden, Germany

For eight years in a row the see conference has been gathering the most creative people and exciting ideas on the topic of information visualization. The interdisciplinary platform brings together fields like design, art, architecture and new technologies. The international speakers will present the latest ideas and approaches on how to deal with the current flood of information, how to visualize it and how to turn it into something that can be experienced and understood.

Eyeo 2013

5-8 June 2013 Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, USA

Eyeo assembles an incredible set of creative coders, data designers and artists, and attendees – expect enthralling talks, unique workshops and interactions with open source instigators and super fascinating practitioners, fueled by the people and tools that are transforming the digital culture of today.

OFFF Barcelona 2013

6-8 June 2013 DHUB, Barcelona, Spain

OFFF is an entity in continuous transformation, alive and evolutionary. More than a decade ago, it was born as a post-digital culture festival; a meeting place to host contemporary creation through an in depth programme of conferences, workshops and performances by the most relevant artists of our time.

EuroVis 2013

17-21 June 2013 Leipzig, Germany

EuroVis 2013 is the 15th annual Visualization Symposium organized by the Eurographics Working Group on Data Visualization and the IEEE Visualization and Graphics Technical Committee.

Expressive 2013 – Computational Aesthetics

19-21 July 2013 Anaheim, California, USA

The Computational Aesthetics symposium is a part of the Expressive 2013 series of events that bridge the analytic and synthetic by integrating aspects of computer science, philosophy, psychology, and the fine, applied & performing arts. It investigates the creation of tools that can enhance the expressive power of the fine and applied arts and furthers our understanding of aesthetic evaluation, perception and meaning. The conference brings together individuals with the technical experience of developing computer based tools to solve aesthetic problems and people with artistic/design backgrounds who use these new tools. The event is co-located with SIGGRAPH 2013.


21-25 July 2013 Convention Center, Anaheim, California, USA

Now in its 40th year – SIGGRAPH – the world’s premier conference and exhibition on computer graphics and interactive techniques comes to California for it’s 2013 edition. The conference attracts the most respected technical and creative people from all over world. Its community includes people everywhere who are excited by research, science, art, animation, gaming, interactivity, education, and the web. With an exhibition, job fair, courses and presentations this conference is surely not to be missed.


13-18 October 2013 Atlanta, Georgia, USA

VIS 2013 ThumbIEEE VIS 2013 is the premier forum for advances in scientific and information visualization. The event-packed week brings together researchers and practitioners from academia, government, and industry to explore their shared interests in tools, techniques, and technology. The week is organized around three separate conferences: Scientific Visualization, Information Visualization, Visual Analytics Science and Technology.


Thanks to our astute readers, we are happy to present you with another set of very interesting conferences not to be missed in 2013.


11-17 February 2013 Frankfurter Kunstverein, Frankfurt, Germany

NODE13 ThumbThis years NODE13 conference comes with the key topic “The Rules”. Both, the Symposium and the Exhibition have been curated by Eno Henze and are seeking to investigate Code and Software as a shapeable, cosmoplastic material. With a great selection of speakers and six days fully packed with workshops around vvvv, curated by the vvvv group itself, the NODE13 conference offers something for everyone eager to learn more about new and innovative approaches to the visual arts and digital culture.

CHI 2013

27 April – 2 May 2013 Palais de Congrès de Paris, Paris, France

CHI 2013 ThumbThe ACM SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems is an international conference on human-computer interaction. CHI 2013 is about “changing perspectives”: the conference draws from the constantly changing perspectives of the diverse community, offering new visions of people interacting with technology. It is multidisciplinary, drawing from science, engineering and design, with contributions from research and industry in 15 different venues. CHI also features a community dedicated on the Digital Arts, which bring together researchers, practitioners, and artists whose work is informed by traditional CHI topics such as screen-based interaction, embodied interaction, virtual & augmented environments and data visualization.

OpenVis Conf

16-17 May 2013 Boston, Massachusetts, USA

OpenVis ThumbThe OpenVis Conf is a great new conference about the practice of visualizing data on the web. Expect two exciting days featuring a great selection of speakers on a single track. The speakers will discuss best practices for data processing, storytelling, visual design, code structure and implementation. They also just announced their first keynote presenter & speaker – for what promises to be a fantastic event: Amanda Cox and Jesse Kriss!


25-26 October 2013 Munich, Germany

push-mediumpush.conference unites creative coding and user experience design, by offering a platform for designers, developers and user experience professionals. The organizers strive to bridge the gap between user experience design and interactive arts, because we firmly believe that both fields can learn a great deal from each other.

This list is still far from complete, so please help us with a note in the comments about any other event that you think would fit this list. What are your plans for 2013? Where will you be present? – As always we are very grateful for all the great input!

Jan Wächter

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