Popily launches a data visualization tool that’s as easy to use as three clicks

Businesses make decisions based off of data, but for some people, data can be difficult to interpret if they don’t know what to look for. Popily has a solution launching today that it claims could change how we interact with data. Instead of looking at the numbers, the company is focusing more on the automated visualizations to provide a new vantage point.

“Data visualization is the new universal language for humans to talk about, share, and get value out of their data,” said Popily CEO Jonathon Morgan.

A member of Techstars Cloud 2016, Popily wants to remove any anxiety you have about compiling data and understanding how to analyze it. The Austin-based company seeks to eliminate all the middle work and just provide you with the visualization you need so you can go about your day and build a better business. It’s targeting workers who don’t even know where to get started when handed a bunch of data points. The company also thinks its technology will resonate well with those who can’t afford bigger data analysis tools… – Read more at Venture Beat


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