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Calvin and Hobbes Love Messing with Big Data

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Mechatronic Harmonies Proves Once Again that Data is Beautiful

By Gabrielle Bruney — Jan 24 2016 Original article appearing on Vice It's easy enough to see that Mechatronic Harmonies is eerie. With its dark color palate and technological themes, the project conjures up images of some sort of post-apocalyptic future. What's not so easy to see, however, is that the haunting sounds and imagery are actually all made from data. Created for German manufacturing company Wittenstein by Milan-based creative,...

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Austin-based Data Visualization company – Popily

Popily launches a data visualization tool that’s as easy to use as three clicks KEN YEUNG JANUARY 19, 2016 10:33 AM - Businesses make decisions based off of data, but for some people, data can be difficult to interpret if they don’t know what to look for. Popily has a solution launching today that it claims could change how we interact with data. Instead of looking at the numbers, the company is focusing...

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