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Comparing abortion limits in the U.S. against other countries

The Washington Post, in an effort that I’m sure took more energy and time than it looks, compared U.S. abortion laws against those in other countries: In the last three decades, countries around the world have made it easier to legally get an abortion. In some parts of the United States, however, it’s gotten harder. Just this month, Mexico’s supreme court ruled to decriminalize the practice. Argentina’s Senate legalized abortion...

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New abortion restrictions by state, since 2011

For FiveThirtyEight, Amelia Thomson-DeVeaux and Gus Wezerek categorized and mapped new abortion restrictions enacted by state legislatures from 2011 to 2019: The result is a complicated patchwork of abortion laws that have made it more time-consuming and expensive to get the procedure in certain parts of the country. In addition to counseling, waiting period and ultrasound requirements — all of which can increase the time and cost associated with the...

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Abortion policies, over time and by state

For a class project, Katie Kowalsky, Dylan Moriarty, and Robin Tolochko examined changes in abortion policy since Roe v. Wade in 1973. Due to complex laws, political jargon, and emotional fervor, abortion policy is a contentious topic. There is a wealth of information and misinformation. The combination of vague terminology and lack of uniformity among state laws makes it difficult to interpret the true national status of abortion rights. Through...

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