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Spotting AI-generated faces

Computers can generate faces that look real. What a time to be alive. As it becomes easier to do so, you can bet that the software will be used at some point for less innocent reasons. You should probably know how to tell the difference between fake and real. Kyle McDonald provides a guide to the telltale signs of AI-generated faces. Tags: AI, faces, fake

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Cheap labor to power artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence, given its name, sounds like a computer learns everything its own. However, a set of algorithms can only become useful if there’s something to learn from: data. Dave Lee for BBC reports on a company in Kenya that supplies training data for self-driving cars: Brenda loads up an image, and then uses the mouse to trace around just about everything. People, cars, road signs, lane markings – even...

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AI-generated celebrity faces look real

Researchers from NVIDIA published work with artificial intelligence algorithms, or more specifically, generative adversarial networks, to produce celebrity faces in high detail. Watch the results below. Nutty. Tags: AI, faces

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