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✚ Analysis as Detective Work (The Process #62)

Analysis and visualization are often a messy process that never matches up to the step-by-step guides you read, but that's normal. Read More

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✚ Visualization for Analysis vs. Visualization for an Audience (The Process #59)

The visualizations are used and read differently, which requires that you approach their design differently. Read More

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✚ No Data, Chart Dies

If the charts themselves are fairly straightforward without any dubious design choices, are you still "lying with charts" when only the data itself was manipulated? Read More

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People relationships in data analysis

Roger Peng discusses the importance of managing the relationships between people — analyst, patron, subject matter expert, and audience — for a successful analysis: Human relationships are unstable, unpredictable, and inconsistent. Algorithms and statistical tools are predictable and in some cases, optimal. But for whatever reason, we have not yet been able to completely characterize all of the elements that make a successful data analysis in a “machine readable” format....

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Data visualization for analysis and understanding complex problems

Enrico Bertini, a professor at New York University, delves into the less flashy but equally important branch of visualization: analysis. Much of what Enrico describes applies to the other branches too, so it’s worth the full read: One aspect of data visualization I have been discovering over the years is that when we talk about data visualization we often think that the choice of which graphical representation to use is...

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