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Gyroscope to automatically track your health data

I’m surprised I’m just now hearing about Gyroscope. It’s an app that automatically tracks your health data and then generates reports, both digitally and in print format. An “OS for the human body” it says. Might give it a go. Tags: app, health

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C’est la vis, teaching kids how to visualize data

By adulthood, it’s expected that we can read charts to some degree. You’re supposed to know how visual encodings map to data and then interpret. I don’t remember actually learning how to do that though. Do you? C’est la vis is a research project and app by Basak Alper from NASA JPL and Nathalie Riche from Microsoft Research that aims to help kids learn how charts work and help teachers...

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Flyover Country app tells you about the ground beneath as you fly

Before your next flight, road trip, or hike, download the Flyover Country app available for Android and iPhone. The app tells you information about where you are at any given moment, or if you're flying, the ground beneath. The app exposes interactive geologic maps from, fossil localities from and, core sample localities from, Wikipedia articles, offline base maps, and the user’s current GPS determined location, altitude,...

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