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Stacking Apple apps in the App Store

For The New York Times, Jack Nicas and Keith Collins stack up app rankings in the App Store. Apple’s apps appear to find their way to the top of searches, perhaps more often than you might expect. I like how the graphics navigate through the stacked bars. It starts with a realistic view of scrolling through apps on an iPhone, and then zooms out on each section until you’re looking...

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Bucket o’ companies compared to Apple $1 trillion value

Apple’s value passed $1 trillion on Thursday, and as tradition requires, we must consider the scale of such a large number. We must compare the value of Apple against the sum value of a surprising number of small and medium companies. The New York Times has you covered with a bucket of blobs metaphor. So blobby. So bucket-y. Tags: Apple, business, New York Times, stocks

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Comparing Google Maps and Apple Maps Over a Year

Google collects much of their own data to construct their maps, whereas Apple sources most of their data externally. This difference, coupled with varying cartography that changes over time, means an interesting contrast between the two map services. Justin O’Beirne took monthly screenshots for a year to look at the differences more closely. Tags: Apple, cartography, Google

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Apple vs. Google company structure, as seen through patents

For Co.Design, Periscopic compared patent ownership between Apple and Google, which ends up providing a good idea of company structure. “Over the past 10 years Apple has produced 10,975 patents with a team of 5,232 inventors, and Google has produced 12,386 with a team of 8,888,” writes Wes Bernegger, data explorer at Periscopic. Those numbers are, frankly, pretty similar in terms of proportion. “The most notable difference we see is...

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