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1950 Census released by U.S. National Archives

For privacy reasons, there’s a 72-year restriction on individual Census records, which include names and addresses. It’s 72 years today since the release of the 1950 Census. The scanned paper records are available for browsing and downloading. Tags: archive, census, history

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✚ Google Fusion Tables Shutdown, Lack of Preservation, and Finding Alternatives

Google announced that Fusion Tables will be laid to rest, which highlights a need for preservation of visualization for the long-term. Read More

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Deep fried data

Maciej Ceglowski, the creator of bookmarking site Pinboard, spoke at the Library of Congress a couple of weeks ago about deep-fried data. In our case, the deep-fryer is a toolbox of statistical techniques. The names keep changing—it used to be unsupervised learning, now it’s called big data or deep learning or AI. Next year it will be called something else. But the core ideas don’t change. You train a computer...

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