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It’s Been a Hot Summer, Down Under

My family is vacationing this week in Mosman, Australia, a harbourside Sydney suburb near Balmoral Beach known for its family friendly attractions and boutique shops. This place is a great holiday spot. There’s only one problem this year, though: It’s been quite hot. Sydney is normally relatively temperate during the summers, which occur opposite winters in the Northern Hemisphere. The average temperature in Celsius this time of year usually runs...

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Australia as 100 people

Opting for the force-directed clusters route, Catherine Hanrahan and Simon Elvery for ABC News visualized Australian demographics at the scale of 100 people. Each dot is a person, and as you scroll, you get different breakdowns. It’s percentages, but treating each percentage point as a person makes it more relatable. See also: Demographics in a world of 100. Tags: Australia, census

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