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Average view of Earth from space

Using a year’s worth of daily images from NASA’s Visible Infrared Imaging Radiometer Suite (VIIRS), Johannes Kroeger constructed the average snapshot for 2018. Fun. Tags: average, Earth, satellite imagery

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Most typical city in America

Here’s a fun piece by Karl Sluis. He looked at eight demographic metrics, such as population, age, and income (based on estimates from the American Community Survey) and found the “most typical” city in America that sat around the median of all the measurements. According to the averages across these eight measures, the Lynchburg, Virginia Statistical Area is the most typical statistical area in the country. Made of four counties...

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The First Time…

When Americans had sex, moved in with someone, and so on. Often not average. Far from normal. Read More

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An average life as interpretive dance

BuzzFeed used interpretive dance to describe the average age of the milestones in our lives, from birth, losing the first tooth, marriage, and death. The data points serve more as background, as a way to provide a timeline of events, and the dancing is the primary focus. I found myself drawn to the comments on YouTube. Typically a cesspool of idiocy and more idiocy, the comment section in this case...

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