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Further exploration of tessellation density

Last year, I explored using bar-density (and pie-density) charts to illustrate 80/20-type distributions, which are very common in real life (link). The key advantage of this design is that the most important units (i.e. the biggest stars/creators) are represented by larger pieces while the long tail is shown by little pieces. The skewness is encoded in the density of the tessellation. So when the following chart showed up on my...

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The unreasonable effect of chart labels

In discussing the bar-density and pie-density charts with a buddy (thanks LB!), it became obvious that the labeling is a challenge. And he's right. Here is the pie-density chart for the Youtube views with the labels as originally conceived. These labels are trying too hard to provide precise data to the reader. Here are some simplified labels that get at the message rather than the data: Here is a slightly...

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Bar-density and pie-density plots for showing relative proportions

In my last post, I described a bar-density chart to show paired data of proportions with an 80/20-type rule. The following example illustrates that a small proportion of Youtubers generate a large proportion of views. Other examples of this type of data include: the top 10% of families own 75% of U.S. household wealth (link) the top 1% of artists earn 77% of recorded music income (link) Five percent of...

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