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Counting baseball cliches

Post-game sports interviews tend to sound similar. And when you do say something out of pattern, the talk shows and the social media examine every word to find hidden meaning. It’s no wonder athletes talk in cliches. The Washington Post, using natural language processing, counted the phrases and idioms that baseball players use. We grouped phrases that were variations of each other together (within a one- or two-word difference) into...

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Little League baseball analytics that would change the game forever

Oh. So that’s why I was always placed in right field that one year. Little League Analytics — PetrosAndMoneyShow (@PetrosAndMoney) June 14, 2018 Tags: baseball, humor

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Umpire strike zone changes to finish game earlier

When watching baseball on television, we get the benefit of seeing whether a pitch entered the strike zone or not. Umpires go by eye, and intentional or not, they tend towards finishing a game over extra innings. Michael Lopez, Brian Mills, and Gus Wezerek for FiveThirtyEight: The left panel shows the comparative rate of strike calls when, in the bottom of an inning in extras, the batting team is positioned...

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Baseball hitting angles on the rise

After the crackdown on performance-enhancing drugs, home runs in professional baseball dipped the past few years. They seem to be back up though, and new metrics on hitting angle might have something to do with it. Dave Sheinin and Armand Emamdjomeh for The Washington Post delve into the angles, along with hit speed, and how they lead to more home runs. Tags: baseball, Washington Post

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Charting MLB Division Races

Earlier I used small multiples to show how each Major League Baseball team’s 2016 season progressed relative to the .500 line. Here are those same line charts, but this time I’ve grouped them by division:

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How Far Above (Or Below) .500 Did Each MLB Team Finish This Season?

I live in South Korea, where it isn’t always easy to watch American baseball (unless you’re a fan of the Los Angeles Dodgers or the Texas Rangers). So I’m catching up with data. These charts show teams’ performance by tracking how many games above (or below) .500 they moved as the season progressed. The Chicago Cubs did best (45 games over), while the Minnesota Twins did the worst (-44 games)....

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