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Questioning Novak Djokovic’s Covid tests, based on data

Tennis player Novak Djokovic is not vaccinated against the coronavirus, and as a result, was not allowed to compete in the Australian Open. Data collated by the BBC suggests that Djokovic lied about his Covid-19 test results in an attempt to get around rules: The confirmation codes in all cases slotted into the same chronological timeline as our initial batch sent by BBC colleagues and showed that the earlier the...

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Scale of the bigger, more detailed universe

We’ve learned more about the universe since Charles and Ray Eames produced Powers of Ten in 1977, so the BBC made an homage to the film, updating with what we know now. Spoiler alert: the universe is still big. Tags: BBC, scale, space

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Misinterpreted or misleading fire maps

With all of the maps of fire in Australia, be sure to check out this piece by Georgina Rannard for BBC News on how some of the maps can easily be misinterpreted when seen out of context. Tags: BBC, fire

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How much warmer your city will get

BBC News asks a straightforward question: How much warmer is your city? Enter your country and then your city. You get a time series along with projections. It reminds me of The New York Times piece from a few years ago, but the BBC one uses more recent data and covers major cities worldwide. Tags: BBC, global warming

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Snow depth by dogs

For the US east coasters and their pets. Tags: BBC, snow

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