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Bird flight patterns captured through long-exposure photography

ARVE Error: src mismatchurl: in: ?dnt=1src gen: comparisonurl: in: src gen: For several years, Xavi Bou has been using long-exposure photography to capture stills of bird flight patterns. The project, Ornitographies, produced gloriously abstract images. There’s also a video (above) piece under the same premise. Jessica McKenzie, reporting for Audubon: More recently, Bou has expanded the project to video, including one called Murmurations that shows a...

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Traveling birds on a thousand-mile journey

Birds migrate to areas more hospitable, but where do they go? It depends on the bird. It depends on the time of year. It depends on other various factors. Drawing from several data sources, National Geographic maps how birds migrate thousands of miles. View it on your desktop of maximum animated pleasure. Tags: birds, migration

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Visual collection of bird sounds

Different species of birds make different sounds. However, the sounds are so quick and compressed that it can be tough to pick out what is what. So Kyle McDonald, Manny Tan, and Yotam Mann created a “fingerprint” for each bird song and used machine learning to classify. Through the visual browser, you can play sounds and search for bird types. Similar sounds are closer to each other. Tags: birds, Google,...

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