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Still Flowing at 14

FlowingData turned 14 years old last week. Is that old? It feels old. The site started as a sandbox to put class projects. Flat HTML files. JPEG files. Google Maps placemarkers. Flash. Vanilla JavaScript. As I studied from across the country, it turned into a place to share links with classmates. Did you see that project on Infosthetics? How did Stamen make that map? These big infographics are getting out...

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FlowingData turned a decade last month. June 25 to be exact. Woo woo. I had to buy hosting for some graduate school project in 2007, and it came with a free domain name. Looking for some variation of data flows, I settled on I used it as a sandbox for stray HTML pages, and then on some idle day when I didn’t want to write my dissertation, I setup...

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How Many Friends You Need to Have a Birthday Every Day of the Year

If it seems like every day you log in to Facebook, it’s someone’s birthday, you're probably not that far off. Read More

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How Common is Your Birthday? This Visualization Might Surprise You

It’s baby season in America, with September the busiest month for births on average in the last two decades. So it seemed like the right time to remix this blog’s most-popular post: How Common is Your Birthday? That old heatmap, which highlighted specific dates for popularity, has been viewed more than 500,000 times here and published across the web. But it was flawed, namely that it used ordinal data (birthday...

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