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✚ Visualization Books in My Queue (The Process 084)

I have a lot of books stacked on my desk. It's kind of embarrassing. Now seems like a good as time as any to read them. Read More

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Data-driven hipster reading list

When it comes to reading lists, we usually look for what’s popular, because if a lot of people read something, then there must be something good about it. Russell Goldenberg and Amber Thomas for The Pudding took it the other direction. Using checkout data from the Seattle Public Library, they looked for books that haven’t been checked out in decades. Also: How cool is it that there’s an API to...

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Game of Thrones books versus television series

I think I started watching Game of Thrones around the fourth season (my wife gave me the cliffs notes), so I’ve missed a bunch, but I’ve seen enough now where I have to know what happens from here on out. For those deeper into it, here’s a comparison between the books and the television series by Alyssa Karla Mungcal, Jocelyn Tan, and Pooja Sharma. The above is an overview, but...

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Visualization Books in the Queue

I don’t read visualization books nearly as much as I wish I did, but there are a handful I keep on the shelf for a rainy day, which until recently was basically never here in California. I updated the books page to show some of my favorites. I also added a few books in my queue that I hope to get to one day. Two are new visualization books that...

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Invest in Knowledge is Beautiful!

Exciting news! The US edition of our latest, lovely, lush infographic book, Knowledge is Beautiful, is out today. A collection of 196 of our best visualisations and a personal two year labour of love and intricate graphisme. Buy links: Amazon US | Barnes & Noble If you can’t wait, you can also grab an iPad version instantly via Apple iBooks. If you like our work and all things beautiful, please...

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