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Mapping the boundaries of history

While geographic boundaries can often seem like a semi-static thing, they’ve changed a lot when you look at them on the scale of centuries. Point in History, by Hans Hack, presents a map of what boundaries used to be. Click anywhere to see the history. For example, select the United States, and you see the country’s past boundaries, but then it keeps going back in time to BC years of...

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US boundary evolution

We saw a similar video of boundary development over the centuries before, but I like this one as a contrast to it. The first is really default-looking, whereas this one has a little bit of production value. x Get the data files here to put together your own version. [via kottke] Tags: boundaries

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Animated history of US county boundaries

Here's a straightforward animation that shows US county boundaries change between 1629 and 2000. You can also grab all the data from the Newberry Library site. Tags: animation, boundaries

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