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Mapping all the buildings

A few months back, Microsoft released a comprehensive dataset that included the estimated footprints of all of the buildings in the United States. The New York Times mapped all of it. The footnote says a lot about their attention to detail: In some cases, the building shapes generated by Microsoft’s automated process do not match the existing building footprints exactly. We manually corrected as many of these mistakes as we...

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All the building footprints in the United States

Microsoft released a comprehensive dataset for computer-generated building footprints in the United States. The method: We developed a method that approximates the prediction pixels into polygons making decisions based on the whole prediction feature space. This is very different from standard approaches, e.g. Douglas-Pecker algorithm, which are greedy in nature. The method tries to impose some of a priory building properties, which are, at the moment, manually defined and automatically...

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All the buildings in Manhattan in 3-D map

Taylor Baldwin mapped all of the buildings in Manhattan using a 3-D layout. Rotate, zoom, and pan, and be sure to mess around with the parameters in the control panel for different looks. Also make sure you try it in Chrome, because it’ll probably send your computer fan whirling. Tags: 3-d, buildings, New York

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South Korea’s (Residential) Rise: How Building Heights, Home Sizes Vary

Note: I followed my wife, a foreign correspondent for NPR News, to Seoul last year. This is one of a series of posts exploring our adopted country’s demographics, politics and other nerdy data stuff. Let me know if you have ideas for future posts. I never lived in a high-rise building before moving to South Korea, but now home is 35 stories above central Seoul. The view is pretty great...

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City layouts in 3-D

Luis Dilger made a set of fine-looking prints that show city landscapes in 3-D. They look like little cardboard cutouts. I didn't only want to show these structures in the conventional way from above, but also including the exact three-dimensionality of topography and buildings - a real world visualisation. The OpenStreetMap data enabled me to visualize the satellite-based information using DEM Earth in Cinema 4D. The results are some extraordinary...

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