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Possible cheating seen in a scatterplot

When plotting Russian election results, a structured grid patterns appear. From The Economist: When Dmitry Kobak and Sergey Shpilkin, two researchers, analysed the results, they found that an unusually high number of turnout and vote-share results were multiples of five (eg, 50%, 55%, 60%), a tell-tale sign of manipulation. According to Messrs Kobak and Shpilkin, there were at least 1,310 polling stations (out of 96,325) with results that were suspiciously...

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Identifying cheaters in test results, a simple method

Jonathan Dushoff has had issues with students in his population biology class cheating on his exams. One year there was suspicious behavior, but Dushoff or the proctors weren't able to prove the students cheated as it happened. So he looked closely at the test results to find the guilty students. The final is entirely multiple choice. I got the results files from the scantron office. I figured that I wouldn't...

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