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Poor comparison between two bar charts

A chart from Business Insider makes a poor attempt to compare the death rates, by age, for the common flu against Covid-19: The age groups on the horizontal axes are different, so you can’t make a fair side-by-side comparison. For example, the flu chart has a 50-64 age group. The Covid-19 chart has a 50-59 group and a 60-69 group. Ann Coulter’s interpretation of the chart might be worse than...

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✚ Making Comparisons Easier When Presenting Data (The Process #40)

Visualization is all about making comparisons. If you have nothing to compare to, then the chart fails. In this issue I describe some of the ways you can make your charts more comparable. Read More

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Visualizing Differences

Focus on finding or displaying contrasting points, and some visual methods are more helpful than others. A guide. Read More

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Useless Points of Comparison

Make sure you don't end up in an apples and oranges situation where the comparisons don't even make sense. Read More

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