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✚ No Data, Chart Dies

If the charts themselves are fairly straightforward without any dubious design choices, are you still "lying with charts" when only the data itself was manipulated? Read More

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Constructing charts and graphs

Jeffrey Heer, a computer science professor at the University of Washington, provides an overview of building charts for analysis and exploration. It’s an iterative process between acquisition, cleaning, integration, visualization, modeling, presentation, and dissemination. [via @albertocairo] Tags: components, Jeffrey Heer, lunch talk

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✚ Chart Components and Working On Your Graphics Piece-wise

Before you can form a set of steps to visualize data, you need to know the components of a chart that you can separate. Like making an outline for an essay, you look for sections that make sense rather than define how many periods and question marks you need to show. Once you can form that data graphics outline, that complex visualization project doesn't seem so daunting. Read More

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