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✚ That Time My Chart Was on the Reddit Front Page and Everyone Hated It (The Process #56)

Something I made was on the front page of Reddit. Cool. The problem: thousands of people downvoted it. Here's what I learned. Read More

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Criticism vs. Creation

Filmmaker Kevin Smith talks about making things versus critiquing them. He’s talking about movies, but you can so easily plug in visualization. I just kept nodding yes. [via swissmiss] Tags: criticism

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Little boxes

Foto credit Would the field of data vis benefit from a clear line between art and design, as Lisa C. Rost suggests (see also the follow-up post)? This debate has been around for a while (see e.g. Lev Manovich’s Info Aesthetics, The Manifesto debate, the Cargo Cult debate, Jorge Camoe’s attempts, but also helpful papers like “The Role of Design in Information Visualization“ etc) and of course, there is a...

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