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Haikus generated based on your map location and OpenStreetMap data

Satellite Studio made a map thing that generates haikus based on OpenStreetMap data and your location. From the announcement: [W]e automated making haikus about places. Looking at every aspect of the surroundings of a point, we can generate a poem about any place in the world. The result is sometimes fun, often weird, most of the time pretty terrible. Also probably horrifying for haiku purists (sorry). This is pretty great....

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Traveling Salesman art

Robert Bosch likes to use the Traveling Salesman Problem to draw famous portraits with a single continuous line. Nice. If you want to fall down a Traveling Salesman rabbit hole, be sure to check out the main pages of the site above. You’ll find code, datasets, challenges, and other re-generated art pieces. Also, if you’re interested in doing something similar in R, Antonio Sánchez Chinchón kicked the tires a while...

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Photographs from above, an Overview

Overview is an ongoing project that uses a zoomed out view for a new perspective on the world: Seeing the Earth from a great distance has been proven to stimulate awe, increase desire to collaborate, and foster long-term thinking. We aim to inspire these feelings — commonly referred to as the Overview Effect — through our imagery, products, and collaborations. By embracing the perspective that comes from this vantage point,...

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Pixelation to represent endangered species counts

In 2008, the World Wildlife Fund ran a campaign that used pixelation to represent the number of animals left for endangered species. One pixel represents an animal, so an image appears more pixelated when there are fewer animals left. Imgur user JJSmooth44 recently used more recent numbers to show the images for 22 species (sourced from the Animal Planet endangered species list). The above is the image bengal tiger with...

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Detailed generative art in R

Thomas Lin Pedersen has been sharing his generative art pieces as of late: All my systems and visualisations are programmed in R, an open source programming language for statistics and data analysis. I’ve developed and released many tools that are central to my work, and help maintain others. Beautiful work. It really gets the imagination going for what else R can do. Check out Pedersen’s Instagram for more, and you...

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Jewelry based on your GPS traces

GPX Jewelry by Rachel Binx lets you turn your GPS traces into jewelry. Just upload a GPX file from, say, your fitness app or Apple Watch, choose your finish, and you’ve got yourself a personalized pendant. Nice. Tags: GPS, jewelry, Rachel Binx

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Blanket pattern visualizes baby’s sleep data

Seung Lee collected sleep data for his son’s first year. Then he knitted a blanket to visualize the data. The blanket is impressive. Collecting a baby’s sleep data for a year? More so. Tags: baby, blanket, sleep

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A view on despair

Sonja Kuijpers used abstract imagery to represent some sobering numbers: You might be wondering what you are viewing here. This landscape, each element in it represents a person who committed suicide in the Netherlands in the year 2017. The cityscape leads into more traditional views, which in turn feel much more heavy. Tags: nature, suicide

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Charts as a medium for expression

Christine Sun Kim, a deaf artist known for her work visualizing and creating experiences around sound, recently took up charts as a medium. From Anna Furman for The New York Times Style Magazine: Channeling her experiences into images of geometric angles, musical notes and meme-like pie charts, Kim playfully combines different sign systems to create what she calls a “common language that all people can connect to.” What’s she’s reading...

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Light installation shows future water lines against existing structures

Timo Aho and Pekka Niittyvirta used sensors, LED lights, and timers to display future water lines: By use of sensors, the installation interacts with the rising tidal changes; activating on high tide. The work provides a visual reference of future sea level rise. The installation explores the catastrophic impact of our relationship with nature and its long term effects. The work provokes a dialogue on how the rising sea levels...

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