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Differences between enterprise data visualization and data journalism

Toph Tucker used to make graphics for Bloomberg Businessweek. Now he does enterprise visualization for finance. He wrote about the major differences between the two jobs. On the iconic Bloomberg Terminal: There are more things in Bloomberg than are dreamt of in your meetings. This was not the consensus when I worked at Bloomberg, but I now believe the Terminal is incredibly well-designed. Folks reply, “I get that it’s useful,...

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Finding context for the data

Context makes data useful. Without it, it’s easy to get lost in numbers that mean little, but finding the context of data isn’t especially straightforward. Catherine D’Ignazio explains why it’s so hard and what data journalists (or anyone trying to understand data) can do about it: First of all, data are typically collected by institutions for internal purposes and they’re not intended to be used by others. As veteran data...

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The Markup is a new journalism venture to examine technology through data

Founded by Sue Gardner, the former head of the Wikimedia Foundation and Julia Angwin and Jeff Larson, journalists formerly for ProPublica, The Markup will aim to use data to help non-experts better understand everyday technologies that often go unchecked. When Angwin and Larson worked together at ProPublica, their data-driven investigations included exposing discriminatory advertising practices at Facebook, bias in software that is used in criminal sentencing and algorithms that result...

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Lessons available from ProPublica Data Institute

ProPublica runs a small annual workshop to teach journalists a bit about data and how it can be used to report. The training materials and some of the lectures are online now. Though more than a thousand people have applied to ProPublica’s Data Institute, we’ve only been able to accept about 24 in the two years it’s been running. Faced with such a high demand, we’ve looked for ways to...

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Data journalism hoorah

In parallel to the Google Trends release, the Google News Lab produced a video interviewing a bunch of data journalism folks about the importance of data in storytelling. It's mostly fluffy fluffy, but there's quite a few important people in there who produce a lot of good stuff, so kind of a fun four-minute watch. Tags: data journalism, Google

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