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Chromebook Data Science

Getting into data science typically requires that you have access to a decent computer or server. You also usually need to install software. Chromebook Data Science, a set of online sources from the Johns Hopkins Data Science Lab, lets people learn with just a Chromebook and an internet connection: Today I’m excited to announce the first part of our new system, a new set of massive online open courses called...

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What data scientists really do

Statistics. I kid, I kid. Hugo Bowne-Anderson, host of the DataFramed podcast, culled some information together that he’s gathered from interviewing data scientists. This is what data scientists really do. One result of this rapid change is that the vast majority of my guests tell us that the key skills for data scientists are not the abilities to build and use deep-learning infrastructures. Instead they are the abilities to learn...

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Three flavors of data scientist

As the field grows and needs develop throughout companies, specialization in data science is a natural next step. Elena Grewal, head of data science at Airbnb, describes their three main tracks and further specialization within each. We decided to restructure data science along three tracks. These described what we were looking for and are areas we want to attract talent. The Analytics track is ideal for those who are skilled...

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A guide for applying to data science jobs

Emily Robinson gives advice on applying for a data science job (that you can likely generalize for most tech jobs). For example: If you have a GitHub, pin the repos you want people to see and add READMEs that explain what the project is. I also strongly recommend creating a blog to write about data science, whether it’s projects you’ve worked on, an explanation of a machine learning method, or...

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Data scientists mostly just do arithmetic

Noah Lorang, a data scientist at Basecamp, explains the key for most companies isn't finding a way to use the most advanced methods. Instead, it's about asking the right questions. The dirty little secret of the ongoing “data science” boom is that most of what people talk about as being data science isn’t what businesses actually need. Businesses need accurate and actionable information to help them make decisions about how...

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White House appoints first US Chief Data Scientist

Did you hear the news? The White House officially appointed DJ Patil as the federal government's first ever Chief Data Scientist. Awesome. Here's Patil, with an introduction by President Barack Obama, on what's in store and a recruitment note for the US Digital Services. Tags: data science, government

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