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Restaurant Reopenings

Restaurants are reopening for dining across the United States. Some states are doing it faster than others. Read More

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Racial Divide

It's hard to think of much else. These maps show the racial divide between black and white people in major cities. Read More

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Impact on Households in the United States

The Census Bureau has been running the Household Pulse Survey since April 23, 2020 to get some gauge for how the pandemic is changing things at home. Here's how things look so far. Read More

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Who Funds the World Health Organization

A couple of weeks ago — or maybe it was a couple of years ago, I’m not sure — the administration announced it would withdraw funding from the World Health Organization. Here's what that does to the overall picture. Read More

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Game of Distraction

They say a watched pot never boils. So here's a game where you try to make the pot boiling by looking somewhere else. Read More

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Toilet Paper Calculator

Maybe you're starting to run low. Here's how much you'll need when you go to restock. Read More

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Guessing Names Based on What They Start With

Based on names data from the Social Security Administration, we look at trends, how common your name is, and how similar it is to others. Read More

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Best Directors Who Were Non-white Men

From 1928, the year of the first Academy Awards, to 2019, there have been 455 nominations for Best Director. Of those, 18 of them went to non-white men. Read More

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Occupation Growth and Decline

We looked at shifts in job distribution over the past several decades, but it was difficult to see by how much each occupation group changed individually. The chart below makes the changes more obvious. For example, computer and math jobs went from relative nothing to a +544% explosion since 1970. Changes Since 1970 As you might expect, jobs in computers and math grew a lot over the past several decades,...

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How Job Groups Changed Over the Past Seven Decades

In the 1950s, almost half of all employed people were either in farming or manufacturing. As you can imagine, work changed a bit over the years. Read More

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