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Toilet Paper Calculator

Maybe you're starting to run low. Here's how much you'll need when you go to restock. Read More

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Guessing Names Based on What They Start With

Based on names data from the Social Security Administration, we look at trends, how common your name is, and how similar it is to others. Read More

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Best Directors Who Were Non-white Men

From 1928, the year of the first Academy Awards, to 2019, there have been 455 nominations for Best Director. Of those, 18 of them went to non-white men. Read More

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Occupation Growth and Decline

We looked at shifts in job distribution over the past several decades, but it was difficult to see by how much each occupation group changed individually. The chart below makes the changes more obvious. For example, computer and math jobs went from relative nothing to a +544% explosion since 1970. Changes Since 1970 As you might expect, jobs in computers and math grew a lot over the past several decades,...

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How Job Groups Changed Over the Past Seven Decades

In the 1950s, almost half of all employed people were either in farming or manufacturing. As you can imagine, work changed a bit over the years. Read More

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All the Foreign Bodies That Got Stuck

Many things get stuck in people's bodies. This is the percentage breakdown for the most common objects that end up in the emergency room. Read More

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Salary and Occupation

Stating the obvious, salaries vary across occupations. Here are some charts that show by how much for 800 of them. Read More

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How Much You Should Be Saving for Retirement

There are a lot of variables to consider, but for people of middle income, here's a suggestion, based on when you start saving and when you want to retire. Read More

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Saving for Retirement and Age

People tend to have more money saved up over time, but range and variation also grow, and often it’s not enough. Read More

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When People Reach $100k in Savings

It was reported that 1 in 6 millennials have at least $100,000 saved. Is this right? It seems high. I looked at the data to find out and then at all of the age groups. Read More

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