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Extract data from a plot in a flat image file

Maybe you’ve seen a chart and wished you could look at the data yourself. Maybe you want to see it from a different angle. But the underlying dataset is nowhere to be found. The WebPlotDigitizer by Ankit Rohatgi lets you load an image and it will attempt to pull out the dataset. Amazing. I can’t believe this has been around since 2010, and I’m just now hearing about it. [via...

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Google Dataset Search moves out of beta

Over a year ago, Google released Dataset Search in public beta. The goal was to index datasets across the internets to make them easier to find. It came out of beta: Based on what we’ve learned from the early adopters of Dataset Search, we’ve added new features. You can now filter the results based on the types of dataset that you want (e.g., tables, images, text), or whether the dataset...

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✚ Find Data to Drive Your Visualization

Unfortunately, you can't just conjure data out of thin air. Well, I guess you can, but it'd probably be sort of unreliable. Kind of. Maybe. So where do you find data? Here's where I'm at in 2019. Read More

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Find the Data You Need, 2016 Edition

This is an update to the guide I wrote in 2009, which as it turns out, is now mostly outdated. So, 2016. Here we go. Read More

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