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Seeing How Much We Ate Over the Years

How long will chicken reign supreme? Who wins between lemon and lime? Is nonfat ice cream really ice cream? Does grapefruit ever make a comeback? Find out in these charts.Read More

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Growing similarity in global diet

Diet around the world is growing more similar. National Geographic charted estimates of the similarity over time: People increasingly eat the same types of food. They now get more calories from wheat, rice, corn, sugar, oil crops, and animal products. Meanwhile, consumption of grains such as sorghum, millet, and rye and of root crops such as cassava and yams has fallen. Comparing diets by country, the international agricultural research group...

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Calorie Needs Against Consumption

On average, we use less energy as we age, and so we should eat less. We don’t always adjust soon enough though. Read More

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Change in the British diet, since 1974

From the Open Data Institute, an interactive looking at diet data made available by Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs. “The British diet has undergone a transformation in the last half-century. Traditional staples such as eggs, potatoes and butter have gradually given way to more exotic or convenient foods such as aubergines, olive oil and stir-fry packs.” The above is just an overview. You can see detailed breakdowns for...

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