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Maps of natural disasters and extreme weather

For The Washington Post, Tim Meko mapped floods, tornados, hurricanes, extreme temperatures, wildfires, and lightning: Data collection for these events has never been more consistent. Mapping the trends in recent years gives us an idea of where disasters have the tendency to strike. In 2018, it is estimated that natural disasters cost the nation almost $100 billion and took nearly 250 lives. It turns out there is nowhere in the...

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Past and future predictions of when the world will end

Wikipedia has a list of predicted dates for when apocalypse strikes, because of course it does. For kicks and giggles, Jeff Fletcher put the dates on a timeline. The horizontal position of each dot represents the predicted date. The vertical position doesn't mean so much, other than there are a lot of dates around that time. Luckily, we got past the most recent September 1, 2015 prediction and the grip...

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