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LEGO normal distribution animation

Let’s just animate all statistical concepts with LEGO from now on: My daughter loved the @FryRsquared Christmas Lectures so much she made this Lego Statistics Animation https://t.co/Q3X2FUYS2m pic.twitter.com/caavfR8ESD — Caroline Lear (@CarolineLear) May 15, 2020 Tags: distribution, LEGO

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✚ Missing the Trees for the Forest (The Process #43)

Don't step so far away from the data that you miss the details that provide meaning to the overviews. Read More

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[For Members] How I Made That: Interactive Beeswarm Chart to Compare Distributions

The histogram is my favorite chart type, but it's unintuitive for many. So I've been using the less accurate but less abstract beeswarm. Read More

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An interactive to explain histograms, for normal people

Histograms require some statistical knowledge to grasp, and without the tidbits, the distribution chart looks like any other bar chart. So much more though. They can show a lot about your data, and statisticians start nearly every analysis with at least one. Aran Lunzer and Amelia McNamara provide a visual essay to explain how they work, so that you too can reap the rewards. Tags: distribution, histogram

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Beeswarm Plot in R, to Show Distributions

Try the more element-based approach instead of your traditional histogram or boxplot. Read More

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