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Climate change and uncertainty

In his new data-driven documentary, Neil Halloran digs into the uncertainty attached to estimates for climate change. Halloran’s argument is that we have to understand the limitations of forecasting the future before we can change it. Tags: climate change, documentary, Neil Halloran, uncertainty

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Cartography and geography documentary – from 1961

This is too good not to watch. It’s a 1961 documentary on cartography and geography from the United States Air Force. Watch in all its vintage glory below. [via @mapdragons] Tags: cartography, documentary

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Interactive documentary connects World War II data to the events

Millions of peopled died during World War II, but it's difficult to grasp what all the big numbers associated with the war mean. Neil Halloran explains in The Fallen of World War II, a hybrid between interactive visualization and documentary. With the style in mind, it starts how you might expect, using a lot of icons and a few charts accompanied by a voiceover. But then it really gets into...

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