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Flights passing through the shadow of the sun

Here’s a neat one by John Muyskens for The Washington Post. Using data from flightradar24, he made an animated map that shows flights that went towards the totality of the eclipse as it was happening. Hundreds of aircraft flocked to the moon's shadow during Monday's eclipse. Animation by @JohnMuyskensData courtesy of @flightradar24 — Post Graphics (@PostGraphics) August 24, 2017 The caption suggests the flights were headed to the path...

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Sunsquatch, the only eclipse map you need

It’s solar eclipse time. There have been a lot of maps leading up to this point, but this one by Joshua Stevens is the only one you really need. The overlap between sasquatch sightings and the total eclipse path. Tags: eclipse

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Google Trends eclipse interest

I feel like the large-volume coverage of the upcoming eclipse doesn’t quite match actual interest. I keep seeing graphics, but haven’t heard a peep in real life. But maybe that’s because I don’t live in the path. This map shows the Google search trends for eclipse, which matches the path of the full eclipse. [via @jscarto] Tags: eclipse, Google Trends

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Satellite view of the upcoming eclipse’s path

In case you didn’t hear, a solar eclipse is on the way that will be visible on August 21. The total solar eclipse will be visible along a path across the country. The Washington Post, continuing their coverage of the topic, shows the path from above using satellite imagery. See also: every total solar eclipse ever. Tags: eclipse, Washington Post

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Every solar eclipse in your lifetime

The continental United States gets a total solar eclipse on August 21, so Denise Lu for The Washington Post mapped out every total solar eclipse that will happen in your lifetime. Enter the year you were born and see the paths on the globe. Tags: eclipse, Washington Post

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