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Case of the 500-mile email

Trey Harris, a previous tech administrator for a university, tells the story of a statistics department that couldn’t send email farther than 500 miles away. The story is more about the peculiarities of server admin in 2002, but I’m more interested in those statisticians: “We could send email. Just not more than–“ “–500 miles, yes,” I finished for him, “I got that. But why didn’t you call earlier?” “Well, we...

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Email Deletion Flowchart

We all get a lot of emails, and there’s a large subset of them that almost instantly end up in the archive or the trash bin. In the past year, this subset seems to have really grown for me. They tend to follow a similar pattern to “submit infographic” probably 90 percent of the time. At this point, the patterns seem so regular that I can archive without ever opening...

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Quantified email

There were a couple of similar quantified self articles last week about email. They're both joke-ish but kind of interesting with a this-is-kind-of-pointless undercurrent. In one, Paul Ford analyzes his email archive and deems it a failure after he finds nothing interesting. In the second, Emma Pierson analyzes her email in the context of a long-distance relationship. From Ford: This is the era of the quantified self and radical transformation....

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