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Friends sitcom transcript dataset

For your analytical perusal, Emil Hvitfeldt provides ten seasons’ worth of scripts from the Friends sitcom in an easy-to-use R package: The goal of friends to provide the complete script transcription of the Friends sitcom. The data originates from the Character Mining repository which includes references to scientific explorations using this data. This package simply provides the data in tibble format instead of json files. The ten seasons ran from...

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Visualizing the Friends sitcom

Marion Rouayroux, a graphic designer and a big fan of the show Friends, collated a bunch of data about the sitcom. Then she visualized the data with a series of information graphics. Tags: Friends, television

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Charting one’s friend demographics over time

We tend to think of demographics on a large scale. Countries, counties, and cities. Then we look at trends over time for thousands or millions of people. But it can be equally, if not more, interesting to look at the same trends on more personal level. This is what Dorothy Gambrell did. She charted her ten closest friends in New York. I like how even though the charts are for...

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