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Trump’s Approval Ratings are Resilient. How Does that Compare Historically?

Despite all the controversy attached to his presidency, Donald Trump has managed to retain a relatively consistent approval rating in the last two years — especially when compared to predecessors in the modern era. The president’s approval rating has climbed some in recent weeks after a significant decline in January, reverting to around the average during the last two years. Perhaps it’s the tribalism in American politics or the fragmented news...

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Charting South Korean Attitudes Park Geun-hye’s About Impeachment

It’s been a busy few days of reporting in South Korea. The scandal-plagued president, Park Geun-hye, was removed from office on Friday over a corruption scandal that has roiled politics and business in the country during the last six months. Last night, two days after a court’s ruling to remove her, Park finally left the presidential complex. The public overwhelmingly supported Park’s ouster, even if the disgraced leader wasn’t the...

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