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All of the deaths in Game of Thrones

A few years back, The Washington Post illustrated every death in Game of Thrones. With the new season on the way, the death count is up and the graphics updated. Tags: deaths, Game of Thrones, Washington Post

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Color profiles of every Game of Thrones episode

As the final episode of Game of Thrones nears, Kavya Sukumar for Vox looked at the colors used in each episode. More relevant if you’ve seen the show, the wideout view makes it easy to pick out themes and events so that you can reminisce about all the characters who died. Tags: color, Game of Thrones, Vox

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Game of Thrones character chart, you decide

I’ve never seen this Game of Thrones show, but I suspect this will be relevant to many. The Upshot made an interactive that asks readers to place characters on a two-axis chart. The x-axis spans evil to good, and the y-axis spans ugly to beautiful. The result is the above, plus contour plots for each character’s place in the space. Like I said, I don’t anything about the show, but...

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Game of Thrones discussions for every episode, visualized

I hear there’s some show called “Game of Thrones” that’s kind of popular these days. Twitter visualized how every episode was discussed, counting the character connections, the emojis used, and the changes over time. See how popular each character was, and the emojis used to described each character. In the visualization below, each circle represents a character with its size proportional to how often the character was mentioned in the...

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Estimated number of Game of Thrones readers who have died

We know there are a lot of deaths in Game of Thrones, but how does this related to real life? As fans eagerly wait for the next book in the series by George R. R. Martin, many won't live long enough to see it published. Statistics PhD student Jerzy Wieczorek dives into reader demographics and actuarial tables to estimate how many people died before the show even aired. So it...

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Every Game of Thrones death

I hear there's a show called "Game of Thrones" on the T.V., where a lot of people die and there is much of the sex. Shelly Tan and Alberto Cuadra for the Washington Post cover the former with a comprehensive illustrated guide. Reason, method, and other metadata aplenty about each of 456 deaths through the first four seasons. Tags: Game of Thrones, Washington Post

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