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Faking traffic on Google Maps with a wagon of 99 smartphones

Google Maps incorporates data from smartphones to estimate traffic in any given location. Artist Simon Weckert used this tidbit to throw the statistical models off the scent. With a wagon of 99 smartphones, he turned roads red on Google Maps just by walking around. Nice. Tags: Google Maps, physical, Simon Weckert, traffic

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When bad data leads to a disappearing neighborhood

Caitlin Dewey for OneZero describes the case of the Fruit Belt neighborhood in Buffalo, New York, or “Medical Park” as it was incorrectly named in Google Maps: Lott learned that the issue had been festering for years, and she wanted answers. The 2,300 residents in the Fruit Belt didn’t refer to the community as “Medical Park,” but Google Maps had done so since the late 2000s. Community members argued the...

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Screen-capping Google Maps for traffic

Alyson Hurt quickly wrote some code to take screen captures of a Google Maps window periodically. The original intention was to see the change in traffic during the January 2016 blizzard on the east coast, but this seems like it might come in handy for something else. I'm not sure for what, but I'm bookmarking it just in case. Tags: Google Maps, screen capture

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Pac-Man Google Maps

You can currently play Pac-Man on Google Maps. Just go to some location and click the Pac-Man square in the bottom left corner, and you'll be running the local streets. Because March 31. I only played for a little bit, but it appears to follow the same ghost algorithms. Tags: April Fool's, Google Maps, Pac-Man

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