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2,774 miles traveled by a lone wolf

From the Voyageurs Wolf Project, a map shows the travels of a lone wolf over an 11-month period. Check out the animated version for full effect. Tags: GPS, nature, wolf

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Jewelry based on your GPS traces

GPX Jewelry by Rachel Binx lets you turn your GPS traces into jewelry. Just upload a GPX file from, say, your fitness app or Apple Watch, choose your finish, and you’ve got yourself a personalized pendant. Nice. Tags: GPS, jewelry, Rachel Binx

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Blockchain mapping

Shannon Mattern for The Atlantic on how blockchain might be useful in mapping and as a replacement for GPS: Crypto-cartographers hope to use it for spatial verification—confirming that things are where they say they are, when they claim to be there. How might this be useful? Well, you could know precisely when an Amazon delivery drone drops a package on your doorstep, at which point the charge would post to...

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Bill Paxton tribute through storm spotters’ GPS coordinates

Bill Paxton, who played a storm chaser in Twister, died on Sunday. To honor him, storm spotters gathered at various coordinates to form Paxton’s initials. I don’t know much about storm chasing or the man, but this seems special. It’s like a hello sent to the skies. Tags: Bill Paxton, GPS

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Flyover Country app tells you about the ground beneath as you fly

Before your next flight, road trip, or hike, download the Flyover Country app available for Android and iPhone. The app tells you information about where you are at any given moment, or if you're flying, the ground beneath. The app exposes interactive geologic maps from, fossil localities from and, core sample localities from, Wikipedia articles, offline base maps, and the user’s current GPS determined location, altitude,...

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