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[For Members] How to Arrange Small Multiples in a State Map Grid Layout in R

Combining small multiples with the grid layout can make for an intuitive geographic reference. Read More

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Grid map variations

Grid maps are a useful way to show state-level data, as they give equal visual weight to each state and maintain a bit of geographic location for quicker referencing. Each news organization varies the grid locations ever so slightly. Jane Pong collected a number of them to show the differences in this fun little interactive. Tags: grid map

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Electoral college and state population representation weights

By design, the electoral college and population don’t quite match up state-by-state. This results in a lower ratio of electoral seats to people for the higher populated states and a higher ratio for the lower populated states. Denise Lu for The Washington Post provides a small multiples state grid to show the differences. These charts show the difference between each state’s share of the national population and its share of...

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The Great Grid Map Debate of 2015

There's been a sudden bump in grid maps lately taking the place of state choropleths. For example, Haeyoun Park used them to show changes in state laws for gay marriage. The advantage over the choropleth is that each state gets equal visual space, and the placement still lets people find specific states and interpret geographic relationships. The grid format is pretty much universally liked, but now we must ask what...

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