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A visualization book using only hand-drawn illustrations

RJ Andrews has a visualization design book coming out in January called Info We Trust. He hand-drew about 300 graphics for the book. One of the reasons: I decided very early that Info We Trust would not use any existing images, mine or others. Found examples work fine for certain books. They are also convenient, the work is already done! But found images bring baggage too. You might choose an...

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Infographic tools before the computer

There was a time when charts and infographics were drawn by hand, because computers weren’t affordable or commonplace. John Grimwade provides a run down of the tools he used back in the day. The thing above was used to draw different sized circles. On paper. With a pen. The tools remind me a lot of my dad’s that he used to have laying around. He’s a civil engineer and used...

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Hand-drawn map boundaries

You've probably seen those "maps" where people from other countries draw the United States and end up with a wobbly New York, Los Angeles, and some stuff in the middle. Here's what happens when cartographers draw boundaries by hand. It's called Project Linework. [T]he power of cartography (and its purpose) is that it’s not realistic. It’s highly abstracted and generalized, and reality went out the window once we decided to...

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