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Everything More from Home

We had to do a lot more from home in 2020. Based on the American Time Use Survey, we spent about 62% of our waking time at home. In contrast, we only spent about 50% in 2019. Here is the breakdown by activity on a weekday. For each year, I counted the total minutes for each activity and divided by total waking time to estimate percentages. For privacy reasons, the...

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Maps of Home

Dots on a map can feel like, well, just a bunch of dots. Dylan Moriarty zoomed in on the dot of his hometown, making the dot feel more real: The map concept at the top of this piece has been kicking in my head for a long while. Came from a dream: Meandering in a museum space, from far, far away you see a map introducing a new exhibit on...

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Working Remotely and Where the Time Goes

How the schedules between remote and non-remote workers differ during workdays. Read More

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