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Datylon Graph is a visualization extension for Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator has charting functions that can be useful if you’re on a deadline. Make a quick chart, design, and publish. However, if you want to reuse the chart with new data or need to use a more complex chart type, it’s usually been better to use different software and then come back to Illustrator to adjust. Datylon Graph is an extension that aims to make it easier to stay...

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Members Only: How to Edit R Charts in Adobe Illustrator

A detailed guide for R users who want to polish their charts in the popular graphic design app for readability and aesthetics. Read More

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Convert Adobe Illustrator files to HTML and CSS

For the folks who have to make graphics for all devices under the sun, any time that can be saved is worth saving. The Illustrator script ai2html, from New York Times graphics editor Archie Tse, converts Illustrator files to HTML and CSS. In case you're wondering why: Text in images and SVGs scale as you scale the image — so your text becomes unreadable pretty quickly as the artwork scales...

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