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Television Genres Over Time

Here's how the distribution of genres has changed since 1945 up to present.Read More

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How the Longest Running Shows Rated Over Episodes

Most television shows don't get past the first season, but there are some that manage to stick around. These are the 175 longest running shows on IMDb that have ratings.Read More

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Heatmap of average IMDb ratings for all the shows

Inspired by a graphic on Reddit, Jim Vallandingham expanded the format for all the shows. Search for a show and get a heatmap for average ratings by season and episode. See how your favorite show went into the dumpster at the end or withstood the test of time. Nice. The data comes from IMDb Datasets, which seems like a fun time series dataset to poke at. Tags: imdb, Jim Vallandingham,...

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Game of Thrones viewer ratings by season

The last episode is coming. Some people don’t like how it’s ending, and the IMDB ratings seem to reflect this. For The Upshot, Josh Katz and K.K. Rebecca Lai charted the changes over the seasons. Reminds of me of the (now defunct) Graph TV a while back. Tags: Game of Thrones, imdb, ratings, Upshot

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