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Inauguration attendees labeled

The New York Times labeled all of the people sitting behind Joe Biden during the inauguration. It’s a straightforward but slick interactive that lets you pan and zoom the photograph. Click on a name for more details or use the list of names in a sidebar. Tags: guest, inauguration, Joe Biden, New York Times

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Scaled-down Biden inauguration

For Bloomberg, Jeremy C.F. Lin and Rachael Dottle show what Joe Biden’s inauguration will look like, given all of the recent events and 2020. No public access and 25,000 National Guard personnel. Tags: Bloomberg, inauguration, Joe Biden

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Emotional arcs for inaugural addresses

Inaugural addresses come in different flavors, with different messages and purpose. Periscopic passed video of the ten most recent speeches through the Microsoft Emotion API to estimate emotion from each speaker’s facial expressions. Then they used a feather metaphor to visualize the results. Shown here in the form of collected emotion arcs, each “feather” represents an inaugural address. Each barb of the feather is a moment during the speech where...

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Giant map for inauguration planning

In planning for the upcoming inauguration, the U.S. military is using a giant multi-part rollout map to do walkthroughs. Yep. Tags: inauguration, scale

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